8 Essential Tips For People Living Without A Gall Bladder

The gall bladder is a non-essential part of the body.  That’s because the gall bladder’s main function is to store bile produced by the liver.  Even without a gall bladder, your liver will continue to produce bile.  However, living without a gall bladder doesn’t mean you can just go back to your old lifestyle and your body would stay the same.  Just because you can live without a gall bladder that doesn’t mean you won’t miss it.

Although the liver on its own can digest moderate amounts of fat, it can’t do all the work on its own.  The gall bladder exists to help the liver, especially during the times when we overindulge which is unavoidable.  As we age, the liver wears down and it won’t be able to digest as much fat as it normally could.  Eventually, our liver won’t be able to catch up, even if we have a relatively healthy diet and only eat in moderation.

Life without a gallbladder can be challenging.  The gall bladder may not be essential but it does have an important function in helping us stay healthy.  Without the gall bladder, it would take more work to stay fit and healthy.  People living without a gall bladder should adapt to the change in their body early on to avoid any health complications.  Here are a few essential lifestyle changes that people have to make once they lose their gallbladder.

  • Cut back on refined sugar.  Sugar triggers the release of insulin into the bloodstream.  Insulin increases cholesterol levels in the liver. The more cholesterol there is in the liver, the harder it will be for the liver to produce enough bile to digest all that fat.
  • Cut back or avoid meat and dairy products.  Our bodies mainly get fat and cholesterol from meat and dairy products.  Less meat and dairy means there’s less stress for the liver.
  • Exercise meal portion control.  A huge meal requires more bile in order to digest it completely; even if it’s a healthy meal.  Small frequent meals allow the liver to produce enough bile without the stress.
  • Exercise more.  Help your body eliminate more fat by exercising more.  The more fat you burn, the less fat your body has to store.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation.  Too much alcohol can hurt the liver.  Drink just enough alcohol to enjoy the health and social benefits without damaging your liver.  Most doctors consider 1 glass of wine a day as the right amount of alcohol that people should consume.
  • Be extra cautious with medication.  Your liver is responsible for metabolizing a lot of the drugs we commonly take like pain killers or cough and cold medication.  Avoid self medication and take drugs only when they’re prescribed by your doctor as the right amounts.
  • Quit smoking.  Smoking is as bad for your liver as it is for your lungs.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Fiber helps your body eliminate more fat and toxins from your body.  The antioxidants you get from fruits and vegetables also helps to keep your liver healthy and young.

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